FMMHA Call for Media Communications Proposals

FMMHA Call for Proposals

Upgrade Frank Lacroix Collaboration Technology


The Mission Statement set out by Hockey Alberta is “To create positive opportunities and experiences FOR ALL PLAYERS through innovative leadership and exceptional service.”

FMMHA supports this mission with our association philosophy. Thus, we are looking for delivery partners to specifically help us meet this objective by updating the media equipment in the multi-purpose room at FLA Arena

This equipment will be used to deliver presentations (webinars, power point etc.) for various Hockey operations meetings. As well, it will be used for coaches to display development tools such as team game film. 

Fort McMurray Minor Hockey Association is looking for proposals from interested parties to provide this much  needed upgrade by submitting their proposals on the submission form provided at the bottom or can be emailed to The deadline for the proposals is August 21, 2020.


  • Projection to a Screen/ TV no less than 72”
  • Wireless connection to project from various laptops including Microsoft and Apple operating systems
  • A computer system that will remain in the room and can be used to project when required
  • A sound system to play video
  • A microphone and speaker for the ability conference calls such as google meet or zoom
  • Potential of a smartboard for highlighting game film
  • A clean and enclosed cabinet that can be locked to protect media when not in use by FMMHA. 

 Acceptance Criteria

  • FMMHA is open to entertaining innovative and new ideas that will support our objectives as listed above
  • FMMHA expects selected delivery partners to provide all equipment required to deliver the requirements but is open to recommendations on any brand names
  • All proposals must include a detailed breakdown of costs to deliver full scope of project, including materials

Selection Criteria

FMMHA vendor selection committee will consist of the Executive Board. Each proposal will be considered in the following order of importance:

  1.     overall solution to meet needs
  2.     cost to deliver proposed Solution
  3.     experience and resources supplied
  4.     availability to FMMHA

Submission Form


 *Please note that FMMHA is a non-profit organization and first and foremost has a responsibility to the interests of the membership. Proposals that are not competitive in pricing will not be considered. FMMHA reserves the right to reject proposals outright, negotiate terms and/or solicit proposals from delivery partners in the interest of maintaining costs within the projected budget.

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