FMMHA is now accepting applications for our 2022-2023 Head Coaches

FMMHA is now accepting applications for our 2022-2023 Season Junior Oil Barons and Huskies Teams coaches. This season we will be looking for coaches for the following teams: 

Applications are currently being accepted for all teams but we are  specifically looking for Head Coach applications for the JOB U13 A, U18 AA, Female Huskies U11, and U18.

  • 2 x U11 AA Teams (potentially AA & A)
  • U13 AA
  • U13 A
  • U15 AA
  • U15A
  • U16 AA (Potentially, waiting on league approval)
  • U18AA
  • U18 A
  • U11 Huskies
  • U13 Huskies
  • U15 Huskies
  • U18 Huskies

We will be following FMMHA’s Junior Oil Barons Coach Selection Directive for the 2022-2023 season.  To be considered for an interview, Coaches must meet Hockey Alberta’s Coaching Requirements. 

Applications will be accepted until May 13th, 2022. 

Step 1 – Apply below with the link provided. 

Once the panel has reviewed all of the applications, applicants will complete STEP 2 of the process. You will receive communication from VP Admin with the hockey homework task. 

Step 2 – Preparation of a hockey homework task.

Applicants who meet the minimum requirements and are selected for an interview will be invited  via email to submit an assignment that will allow the panel to evaluate technical skills.  This task will be one that is considered essential as an JOB/Huskies Coach. You will be required to develop and submit something that would be instrumental in the Head Coach role. If you are not a successful candidate, or you are not selected for an interview, this task will serve as professional development for your future coaching experience. 

Step 3 – Technical Advisory Committee Interview.

The VP Admin will contact you by phone to arrange an interview time. The interview will be in person with a Teams/Google Meet component (for members of the Technical Advisory Committee that can not attend in person). If you are not selected for an interview, the VP Admin will notify you via email. 

Step 4 – Coach Selection Committee Interview.

Once the Technical Advisory Committee submits their recommendations to the Coach Selection Committee, interviews will be scheduled via email by the VP Admin. If you are not selected for an interview, the VP Admin will notify you via email. 

Candidates who are offered a position will receive a phone call from the VP Elite.

All interviews will occur in the month of May. We hope to announce the 2022-2023 Season Head coaches at the AGM in June.

Please click here to apply and take STEP 1 of this 4 STEP process.