Welcome to Spring Development

We are excited to be planning our Return to Practice sessions as we have lost so much this past season.

Our goal with these sessions is to:

  • Provide a minimum of 2 ice times per group per week (Where Ice is avaialble) - Full Ice U13, U15 and Half Ice U11, U9 and U7
  • Provide partner development where opportunities exist (PEP, TAD, Athletic Edge)
  • Our development team will provide ample support to our coaches in the form of practice plans and ideas to keep the players engaged.

The available ice will be used by groups of 8 to 9 players and 1-2 coaches (10 total). Current Public Health Orders limit ice surfaces (including benches and boxes) to 10 participants, who must remain no closer than 3 meters from all other participants.

Help us stay on the ice by:

  • Players must come fully dressed, and arrive at the arena no sooner that 15 minutes before start time.
  • Players Must wear a mask at all times except when active play on the ice.
  • Coaches must wear a mask AT ALL times
  • Players must leave the dressing room no later than 10 minutes after a session.
  • Players who cannot tie and untie their skates may have one parent wearing a mask escort them in to tie skates and must immediately exit the facility .

At this time our facilities have advised us that there will be no spectators allowed in the arenas.

 NOTE: We will remain diligent with updates from AHS. Therefore, if some restrictions lift we may move to “mini” game play (for example 3 vs 3). However, we will start the development season as development only with physical distancing as per current guidelines. There is no guarantee that we will be able to move to games.

Please Remember that Every participant at FMMHA activities must abide by  the principles outlined in the Game and Conduct Manual In the manual you will find The Code of  Conduct/Pledge Forms for Coaches, Parents, Players and Officials, outline unacceptable/acceptable guidelines for the membership.

REMINDER - no mask, no admittance.