Urgent: Government of Alberta Mask Mandate



As many will be aware, the Government of Alberta has announced a new masking mandate for the Province of Alberta.

 Effective 8 am Saturday, September 4, masks are required to be worn in all public spaces.

We ask that all members please respect the mask mandate placed by the province. 

  • Players will wear a mask while traveling into the dressing room and  in the dressing room until helmets are on
  • Parents that are in the dressing room to get their players ready must do so quickly then exit the dressing room.  


  • All Spectators must wear a mask at all times in all arenas with the exception while eating and drinking

Update from Hockey Alberta:

Until specific details or updates are provided pertaining to team sports, Hockey Alberta is interpreting the mandate as follows:


  • Face masks are not required by any player on the ice or on the players’ bench.
  • Face masks are not required by coaches or on-ice officials on the ice surface during sport/ physical activity.
  • Face masks are required by coaches and team staff while on the bench, and by all penalty/ timekeeping staff.
  • Face masks are required by everyone while in a dressing room.

Alberta Covid 19 Public Health Measures Update 

Hockey Alberta Mask Update