U11 Preseason Development

The U11 Program allows for all players to Sign up for a minimum of 4 Skates .    Players will get 2 Coach lead sessions and 2 professional Development sessions.  Players should arrive at the arena early  and be ready to go on the Ice at their start time.   All players must be in their full CSA approved hockey equipment and neck guards are mandatory. Uniforms and/or socks will not be provided for development players must supply their own practice gear.   


  1. Please look through the descriptions of Ice sessions offered and decide the best sessions for your player.  NOTE any parent who cheats and signs their player up for more than 2 Sessions will have all sessions cancelled and will need to re sign up.   ALLOW ALL PLAYERS OPPORTUNITY- Please select only 2 Professional Development and 2 Coach Lead sessions.  
  2. Your division director will tell you when sessions are open – at this point a player may sign up for additional sessions. 
  3. Go into the Sign Up Genius and sign your player up –  if you need to remove your player for any reason please do so and post to the Facebook page or let your director know so they may post and another player can take advantage.

Arena Legend

  • FLA – Frank Lacroix Arena
  • MI1 – MacDonald Island 1
  • MI2 – MacDonald Island 2
  • CFP – CentreFire Place
  • ANZ – Anzac



  • Stick & Puck:  This is an unstructured Skate that is good for Skaters  needing to practice on their own or any skater wanting to get used to new gear and practice their Individual Skills.    Coaches will put out a few obstacles such as shooter tutor,  lay some Sticks out,   Tires for shooting and players can lead themselves through the time. 
  • SKILLS: Coaches will set up some structured  drills to focus on Individual and Team skills. 
  • 3on3:  Unstructured Fun Game of 3 on 3 Hockey refed by a volunteer coach 



  • Power Edge Pro (PEP) – Professional development partner BJ Fitzpatrick will Take Kids Power Edge Pro system “ utilizes to engage multiple motor skills simultaneously and develop a player’s small area game performance. All patterns are completed while maintaining puck control and are designed to provide 5x as many repetitions as standard drill based practices, leading to faster development of elite skills.”  
  • DDJ Hockey –  Professional development partner,  High Performance one and Elite Hockey Coach Dan Hodgson will be running elite style camps focused on individual skills and tactics.   A Goalie Coach will be in attendance to focus Specifically on Goalie Development.  
  • Athletic Edge – Professional development partner,  provides Certified Power Skating coaches to improve a players game.