U7 Intro To Hockey

FMMHA believes how a player gets their initial taste of hockey is crucial. Their first few years of hockey must be a positive experience full of fun and excitement.  Our Coaches are committed to providing a fun and supportive environment where players can learn and explore on the ice.  

Parents will often see coaches using games such as kicking soccer balls, Tag,  races, etc.     While our players are having fun enjoying these games they are learning the core skills of skating such as starting, stopping, turning,  agility and balance that will be so important to their long term success in our hockey programs. 


U7 is open to players born to all  2018 and 2017  born players and we will accept registrations for underage players (born in 2019) in the U7 Division with some conditions.     FMMHA can accept up to 240  participants and aims to place no more than 12 players per team.  


Based on Hockey Canada’s player development model, Intro to Hockey coaches are to utilize the following percentages of time when delivering practices.   

  • 85 % - Technical Skills 
  • 15 % - Individual Tactics 
  • 0 % - Team Tactics
  • 0 % - Team Play Systems
  • 0 % - Strategy

The primary goals for WBHL U7 Intro to hockey are: 

  • Players have fun and become comfortable on the ice and in their safety gear. 
  • Learning to skate 
  • Introduce basic hockey skills 


As our littlest players have short attention spans and learn best through play,   our Ice sessions are set up as follows 15 Minute Ice Breaker games (Tag, british bulldog, Starwars, etc),  20 Minutes Small area drills to focus on individual skills,  20 Minute Coach reffed cross ice Hockey game. 


The game play format is Cross Ice Hockey in a 4 vs 4  format.   There will be 4 Skaters on the ice and one player into the Goaltender position each shift (5 Players on the ice).  There will be no goaltending equipment allowed at this age level and the goaltending position must be rotated throughout the game





During Minor Hockey Week,  Oil Sands Classic Jamboree, and Year end Session U7 Ice will follow a “game day” format where players will play 2 25 Minute session games. 


Players are on the Ice every Saturday and Sunday with a few sessions scattered throughout the season mid week for professional Development.  

WBHL  2021-2022  U7 Season Plan will include: 

  • 2 Pre-season Skates
  • 2 WBHL Combine Testing Sessions to gage players level of Play  
  • Approximately 40 on Ice sessions throughout the season,  including 2 sessions with one of our development Professional Coaches 

2 Special Events with Minor Hockey Week & Year end Jamboree,    Team will be invited and have the option of Oil Sands Jamboree  - each event will include Participation Trophies or Medals   

What equipment is my child required to have?

Please Note - Goaltending equipment is not allowed at the U7 Division level. 

its is important for the child's comfort and safety that equipment is fitted and put on correctly.  If you need some help learning how to put gear on your child please reach out to the division director and we will assign a coach to help you your first few ice times. 

What skills will my U7 Player be working on?

This is an important period for acquiring fundamental movement skills (running, gliding, jumping, kicking, catching...) that lay the foundation for more complex movements, thereby preparing children for a physically active lifestyle. Hockey Canada encourages children to begin skating at an early age through Discovery Hockey programs.

Click here to see the Skills Guide designed by Hockey Canada