Where have we been?



Ready to go on a Tournament?

Did you:

  • Find a tournament – Confirm you are at the right level of Play
  • Confirm this is NOT a travel Blackout date
  • Block Hotels
  • Decide how your traveling, if your traveling by Bus fill in the form.
  • Get a Travel Permit
  • Get your approved Roster (Sometimes called Hardcard)
  • Plan Team Events(meals,  activities, etc)
  • Create an itinerary and send to team
  • Create roles if needed (Meals, Bus snacks, etc.)
  • Complete all the requirements from tournament coordinator of the tournament you are attending (game sheet stickers, Pictures, etc)
  • Send out a Reminder email – Parents and Players are representing Fort McMurray
  • Be conscious team officials are accountable for the behavior of players and parents at all sanctioned events.

Back from the tournament?

Have you: