Bouchier U13 A Junior Oil Barons

Meet The Staff

Head Coach

Steve Schreyer

Asst. Coach

Gerald Pratt

Asst. Coach

Phil Barrington

Asst. Coach

Steve Young

Asst. Coach

Taylor Leck


Taralynn McIver


Steve Morrisseau


Amy Crocker

2022-23 Players


#12 Chance King - Forward

#5 Colton Barrington - Forward

 #4 James McIver - Forward

 #10 Luke Crocker - Forward

 #16 Matheo Ross - Forward

 #2 Owen MacDougall - Forward

#6 Parker Harris - Forward

#21 Riley Coolen - Forward

#3 Tristan Morrisseau - Forward


#18 Cruze Flett - Defense

#15 Hayden Sample - Defense

#11 Linen Collins - Defense

#23 Parker Wall - Defense

#17 Vance Pratt - Defense

#8 Zack Strickland - Defense


#33 Flynn Schreyer - Goalie

#31 Cohen Nelson - Goalie

Coach Philosophy

My philosophy as a coach is to create a positive environment, that is both positive and valuable to the learning process of the players.  As well, to provide a positive role model for the young hockey player.  I want the players to learn and understand what it means to become a TEAM.  To understand that every player in the room has a responsibility and a role to play for the team to be successful.  Encourage effort in practice as this is very important as we need to practice as hard as we play games

I want the players to know when they come to the rink, they can be open and honest with teammates and coaching staff.  This environment is needed to help grow and develop these young players.  I want them to develop not only their hockey skills but social life skills as well.

Teamwork and work ethic will be strongly encouraged, I believe this formula is what this team needs to believe in to be successful at the next level.

 We are not committed to wins and losses, however we are committed to the process and growing the players hockey IQ.  Main Focus is for our hockey players to create positive practice habits, each time they come to the rink we will instill habits and hold everyone accountable

Build a relationship with the players; I believe this is pivotal in helping young hockey players to grow, especially in regard to relating to these players.  It is vital to ensure that as a coach you have the ability to relate to each player, understand where the hockey player needs to grow and try to support the further development of the player individually.  Communication is key with the focus in wanting to get better every time you come to the rink Lastly commitment to your hockey player.  It is our job to ensure that your player wants to come back next season.

Thank you To Our Season Sponsors!

Robby's Towing (Champ)

468 First Nations (small)

MCFN (Small)

Sheila Green (small)


Northern Diesel Ltd. (Med)

Medika North (small)

Sk8 Lab (small)

Westward (Large)

ACFA regionale de Wood Buffalo (small)


NCSG - Corporate (Med)

PROVEO (Large)

UNIFOR-707 (small)

First Fleet (Small)

J. Mack's Mechanical (Large)

Zee Bar (small)

ML Norther Services (Champ)

UBS (Champ)

TLB Mechanical - Hoodies (Champ)

BerWic (small)

CEDA (CNW Group/CEDA International Corporation)