The Team Manager is a central figure in creating the flow of communication – not only within the team (players, parents and coaches), but between the team and all support systems such as the Fort McMurray Minor Hockey Association (FMMHA), Division Directors, other teams, referees, etc.

Ultimately, the Manager is responsible for ensuring all the off-ice tasks are completed. This does not mean that the Manager has to do it all; he or she needs to make sure that it gets done via delegation. Also, it should be noted that some coaches will take on some of the activities that the Manager is normally responsible for overseeing.

By taking on the operational aspects of the team, the Manager enables the coach to focus on player development and on-ice instruction to provide the players with rewarding hockey experiences


Team Budget & Fundraising

Order Team Apparel

Minor Hockey Week Team Rep

Team Building & Party's

Gamesheets & Records management

Jersey and Equipment