FMMHA Raffles

Raffles are a great way for teams to fundraise, however they also require we follow all ALGC rules and are aligned with the financial directive on how the funds from a raffle can be spent.   Before applying for a raffle please ensure;

  1. you have a budget that includes the expected profit and expenses- that was voted on at a team meeting and approved by the budget director?
  2. you have read and understand the Financial directive on what raffle money can be spent on?

The person applying for a raffle licence (typically team manager) is named the Raffle Chairperson. The Raffle Chairperson is accountable to AGLC for all audits and closeouts. Please ensure your information is accurate and all financial reporting is complete within 60 days of the draw date.

AGLC has change the amount of raffle to $20,000 or less (used to be $10,000 or less). All Minor Hockey house league teams must still follow the fundraising guidelines specified in the financial directive; maximum of $10,000 gross, ($7500 net earnings) on any raffle.

  1. Submit your budget for approval; do not apply for a raffle license until your budget has been approved.
  2. Log on to AGLC website;
  3. On the home page, select “Gaming”.
  4. Under popular links, select “Charitable gaming license”.
  5. Select “Raffle: $20,000 and less”.
  6. Step 1 is to apply for eligibility. Under eligibility, go to “how to apply” and select the following link “Eligibility for Raffle License (Total Ticket Value $20,000 and Less Only)”.
  7. This will open the “Eligibility for Raffle License” application. Complete the application and sign your name under the Raffle Chairperson signature.
  8. On page 3 of the application is an additional application for an Internet account request. This will allow you to complete the process online rather than going to registries. This application must also be completed and sent in with the eligibility for raffle application.
    NOTE: Leave the AGLC ID# blank. Once approved, the AGLC ID# will be emailed to you along with the internet account password.
  9. Email the completed, signed applications together to:
  10. In 1-2 business days, you will receive an email with your AGLC ID#. The internet account password takes 2-4 business days, and will be sent out in a separate email.
  11. Once you receive both emails, you are then eligible to apply for the raffle license on-line (free of charge).
  12. Log on to:
  13. Enter the provided user ID (AGLC ID# given in first email) and password (given in second email).    This will log you on to the AGLC site. The organization name should be displayed on the top right of the page. This confirms you have logged in successfully.
  14. Click “Services”, then “New Raffle License under 50K”.
  15. You will be directed through 6 sections as follows:
    a. General: Contact information and the type of raffle (ex. 50/50, cash, etc)
    b. Tickets: Colour of tickets, price per ticket, and how many tickets in total. Ex: White, 1 for $10, Quantity 900, total $9000
    c. Location: Draw date and location of the draw
    d. Prizes: list all prizes, the value and the cost to the organization. (total prizes must be equivalent to or greater than 20% of the money raised)
    e. Expenses: list all additional expenses not including prizes such as printing cost.
    f. Details: Confirm all the details are correct.
  16. Click “Issue License”.
  17. The license along with the certificate will be automatically generated immediately.
  18. The Raffle license MUST be printed and all reporting information must be completed.
  19. The Raffle License Financial Form (page 7-8) must be completed and submitted to AGLC no later than 60 days following the draw date. This can also be done online by logging back into the same site as above: ( The same user ID and password are to be used.