Incident Reporting

Incident Investigations

Improper conduct is detrimental to the development of players, coaches, officials and volunteers in minor hockey and can be directly linked to many quality participants exiting the game. Further to this point is the struggle that Minor Hockey Associations encounter in dealing with improper behavior in a proper and timely fashion.

The FMMHA Game and Conduct Manual was initiated to address issues of inappropriate conduct and is not intended to replace existing processes for handling rule infractions, referee’s calls, general hockey rules, etc.

If you feel an FMMHA code of conduct has been breeched, please fill in the form below:


    Complaint Handling Procedure

    Any Member of FMMHA can initiate a complaint if they feel they have encountered "unacceptable behavior" as defined in the FMMHA Game and Conduct Manual.   Once they have initiated an incident the following is the process

    1. VP Operations will receive the initial report that is filled out(Below).  Please note: If the VP of Operations is directly involved in the Incident another Board member will take the accountability.

    2. The VP Operations will assign a three person investigation committee from the Hockey Operations Committee.

    3. A notice of investigation is sent Via email to all effected party's asking for statements,  witnesses and Clarifying questions

    4. If enough evidence to make a decision the investigation committee will issue a letter with results to the offending party.

    5. If not enough information,  Interviews and a hearing may be scheduled.

    6. once a decision has been made,  and an investigation is complete.   The initiator will receive notification the investigation is closed, will not be privy to the decision as this is not in line with our privacy bylaws.

    Please Note:   Any member involved in the investigation that involves the president, Prior to the Investigation closure, forgoes the right to an appeal process.