Meet the Special Events Committee

Promote hockey as a means of providing an enjoyable and rewarding learning experience for players, to improve and maintain their fitness level and to lead an active life. 

Provide opportunities for players to learn the fundamental skills of hockey and acquired sport skills that will be the cornerstone of their future athletic development.

Promote and develop sportsmanship, fair play, pride, self worth and confidence and learn life skills by participating in an organized team sport activity. 

Provide opportunities for coaches to improve their skills and abilities to teach players and become role models in the community.

Offer Minor Hockey Players the opportunity to participate in a recreational hockey program by operating the Wood Buffalo Hockey League from Initiation to Midget, ensuring all players have an equal opportunity to participate, play and develop their skills.

Establish and enforce policies, procedures and rule governing the operations of all Minor Hockey in the Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo.

Jacinda Davis

Vice President Communications



Chair, Minor Hockey Week


Chair, U7 Oil Sands Classic

Kayla Gardiner

Chair, U13 Classic


Paula Bolt

Chair, Special Events Treasurer

Audrianna Courtney

Chair, U9 Oil Sands Classic

Mikayla Bennett

Director, Volunteers

Jess Widera

Chair, U11 Classic

Lois Ann Emberley

Chair, U15 Classic