Coach Certification Process / Reimbursement Process


FMMHA will reimburse coaches for all required courses

If you are a head or assistant  coach requiring any courses to meet the minimum standards as listed here.  Please check this page to see what is needed for your division.  The steps are listed below in order to take the course.

  1. Ensure that the course is required to coach at the level that you are coaching.  There are no approvals needed for any required course.  If it is not a requirement but you are interested in the course, VP Operations or VP Elite will need to approve this.  Please contact the appropriate person for the approval prior to taking course.
  2. Register for the course(s).
  3. Attend the course(s) and if required also complete the online portion, then complete the coach reimbursement form below.


Please complete the following form to request refund: 



    All Coaches require the RIS for activity leader in order to be on the HCR for the team or to be an on ice helper.

    A minimum of one member of the coaching staff is required to have the online safety program completed.

    Submissions will need to be submitted to the office by the 15th of the month and payment will be sent out via e-mail Money Transfer to the email - provided by the 30th of the month.  The deadline for the submissions is the 15th of December of the year the course was taken.

    If there are any questions regarding this process or if clarification is required, please contact the hockey office



    There may be additional courses offered in Fort McMurray on a yearly basis to assist the coaches with their professional development.  Check the coach web site and the Division directors will also be informing the coaches of these sessions.