Coach Philosophy  

FMMHA has worked with our volunteer coaches and division directors to clearly identify the coach direction derived from our association philosophy as follows in the form of “I will” statements. Our coaches should strive to complete these statements in their role.  

I WILL … be a positive role model and mentor for all players.  

I WILL … ensure equity in play on the team.  

I WILL … make player growth and development a priority. 

I WILL … act respectfully during game play and treat all participants; players, officials, opposing coaches and players, fans with dignity and in a way, I would want to be treated.  

I WILL … not compromise the integrity of our association and act in accordance with our code of conduct. 

I WILL … follow through on the things I have agreed to do with players, families and the association and do so fairly and consistently. 

I WILL … take my role seriously by being committed, reliable and kind.

I WILL … always be mindful of the awesome responsibility and reward that comes with the opportunity to be a coach; therefore, remembering that we are helping to form leaders in life, that being a good person is more important than being the best hockey player.  

I WILL … always strive to inspire, motivate and promote fun for our players.  I WILL … maintain a good work ethic but planning and communicating appropriately and holding myself accountable to all players.  

I WILL … always do my best to enjoy the time spent with players, and at the very least act like I am. 

Coaching Requirements:

All of our Teams need to meet the Hockey Alberta Coaching Requirements

At Minimum one official on each team requires Safety

Safety expires every Two years, please ensure yours is current. We Encourage all coaches take this important course.

All Coaches Require a current Criminal Record Check - Vulnerable Sector

Criminal Record Checks expire every 2 years. Please make sure it is up to date.

All of our Coaches require a current Respect In Sport - Activity Leader

Coaching tools and Support:

Did you Create your Yearly Plan?

It Is expected that all WBHL coaches have a yearly Plan for development.  Need help?  here is a template

Are you prepared for Practice?

It Is expected that all WBHL coaches come to practice prepared.   Here is a half Ice Practice template