The Registration Links will not be active until July 4, 2023


  • Players Born in 2018 and 2017
  • 2019 with Underage Waiver
  • Fee After Aug 15 = $805


  • Players Born in 2016 and 2015
  • Fee After Aug 15 = $875


  • Players Born in 2014 and 2013
  • Fee After Aug 15 = $965


  • Players Born in 2011 and 2012
  • Fee After Aug 15 = $975


  • Players Born in 2009 and 2010
  • Fee After Aug 15 = $1040


  • Players Born in 2006, 2007, & 2008
  • Fee After Aug 15 = $1045

Junior Oil Barons Tryout & Huskies Evaluation Camp

Click Here for the Bouchier Junior Oil Barons Tryout registration form

Click Here for the Huskies Evaluation Camp registration form

Junior Oil Barons & Huskies Conditioning Camps

Click Here for the Bouchier Junior Oil Barons Conditioning Camp registration form

Click Here for the Huskies Conditioning Camp registration form

Registration Frequently Asked Questions

Can I pay my registration fees in installments?
Yes you can pay your registration in installments. When you register online you can choose installments,  you will be prompted to make an initial payment of $100 per child and the rest will be divided equally at the end of each month until November 30, 2023.
Is there financial support available to offset hockey registration fees?

Minor hockey costs are growing every year and it is important for all families to feel comfortable coming forward if they need help. FMMHA wants everyone to have the opportunity to participate in minor hockey. If financial circumstances become a barrier for a child’s involvement, FMMHA is committed to providing support to families.

Resources are available to help support families with registration fees. More information can be found in our Financial Aid section. 

Can I pay in person to avoid Teamsnap Fees?

Yes you can. You can come to the office and make cash, debit or cheque payment(s) or you can EFT payment(s) to If doing an EFT payment, please include your child's name in the memo/comment area. In order to pay via EFT or in person, please take your registration to the CHECKOUT section where it asks for credit card information. Once there, email Roland @ with your childs name and that you have sent EFT.

If paying in person, you will need to get to the CHECKOUT section as well so we can complete your registration.

Are there any additional costs to play hockey?

There are no additional costs to play Recreation Hockey. 

There are additional costs to play within other streams of hockey. Community(Tiered), Elite and Female hockey teams may engage in additional activities such as tournaments, extra practices, apparel, etc..

At the start of the season each team is required to propose a budget to parents and conduct a vote to ensure the additional expenses are supported by the majority of families. 

Am I required to fundraise?

FMMHA does not have any mandatory fundraising requirements, however each team may engage in fundraising events and activities throughout the season. 

Am I required to Volunteer?

Yes, we require five (5) hours per child for volunteering for FMMHA. Failure to do so will result in an invoice being sent to you for $500 per child. 

We don't want your money, we need your time to ensure that FMMHA events are run successfully. 

What is your refund policy?

Find our Refund Policy by CLICKING HERE

What is my child’s Hockey Canada (HCR) number & how do I find it?
Find your Hockey Canada number in your Hockey Canada Registry (HCR) Account. 
  1. Go to My Registration History. 
  2. Click Print Receipt (below your most recent registration.)
  3. Click Open on the pop up that appears at the bottom of your screen.

Your HCR# will be displayed on your registration receipt.

If you still  cannot find your child’s Hockey Canada Hockey ID, email with your child’s name and date of birth so we can help you find it.

We are new to Fort McMurray Minor Hockey

Welcome To The Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo  And Fort McMurray Minor Hockey Association!

We hope that your transition to our community will be a smooth one, including registering your player for hockey.  We look forward to meeting you.

**Before you register**  Please CLICK HERE to fill out a Parent Declaration Form(1 per participant), you will be required to upload two documents to prove residency. These can be a Driver’s License, Utility Bill, Child’s Registration in a Fort McMurray School, Bill of Sale, or Rental Agreement on a Fort McMurray residency.

***Please ensure that you use when entering an email for the association you are registering for. 

**New as of May 15th, 2021 ehockey has been retired and replace with HCR 3.0 Spordle. You will need to create a new Spordle account and link your participants to view hockey ID numbers. 

Click here to create a new HCR 3.0 Spordle Account

All players registered in Fort McMurray Minor Hockey must have a parent/guardian that has taken the Respect in Sport-Parent Program Course. Proof of completion of the program must be listed on the player's Hockey ID, prior to participation in any program. To take this course or to re-certify please CLICK HERE

If you have a new player to register that has never played hockey with any association before visit the New to Hockey Tab and follow the steps to get your player registered.

If you have any questions contact the FMMHA Office at 780-791-7358 ext 1 or email 

We are NEW to hockey! How do I get an HCR number to register?

If you are new to hockey, you must take the ” Respect In Sport - Parent Edition (RIS)” online course and provide a copy of your player's birth certificate to register.

RESPECT IN SPORT: The fee for this course is $12.00 and it takes about an hour to complete.  This course expires after 4 years. Families that do not have this course will be unable to register online. Please ensure you select Fort McMurray as your home association. Go back to Child Management and a number will be beside your child's name, that is the number you need.  If you have completed Respect In Sport in another sport, you can transfer your certificate to FMMHA. Learn more.

Once you complete your Respect in Sport, you can link your PLAYER to your RIS account from their website.  This will auto generate them an HCR# (Hockey Canada Registry#). This is a unique identifying player number that will stay with them throughout their hockey career. 

How can I register another child whom has not played before?

If you have another child already registered with the Respect in Sport Program, log into the account and add your new child and choose Fort McMurray as your Association, and that will generate a new Hockey Canada Hockey ID for your new

The Hockey Canada Hockey ID is only digits and is 12-13 digits long.

How do I verify my Respect In Sport Parent is not expired?

This Hockey Alberta Bulletin has all the answers. CLICK HERE

What If I cannot remember my Teamsnap Account?

Most parents used the TeamSnap APP in previous years, the email that is associated with the APP is the account you would have in place from previous seasons.

They have a place to reset your password on their login page. If you are unsure of what email address you used, please search for any old emails from TeamSnap or login to your APP and see what your account email is.

TeamSnap help can be found here as well:

How Old does my child need to be to register?
Your child must be 5 before December 31, 2023 in order to register. We do accept children who are 4 by December 31, 2023 but there is a waiver that must be signed and agreed to in order for your child to start early. That waiver will be found when completing your registration with TeamSnap.
What Equipment is my child required to have?

My Child Wants to try out for AAA Hockey in Fort Sask

Players wanting to tryout for U15, U16, U17 and U18AAA in Fort Saskatchewan, you will need to register with FSMH prior to trying out. Information on this can be found on FSMH website by CLICKING HERE

Please see NON-RESIDENT AA/AAA TRYOUT on the left side of the page in white for information and to register on the right hand side in RED

My Child wants to Try Out for AAA/AA Female Hockey

For U13 AA, Fort McMurray females would tryout for Bonnyville.

For U15 and U18 AA, Fort McMurray females would tryout for St. Albert.