U9 Intro To Hockey

U9 is open to players born to all  2014 and 2015  born players, and is a combination of players who are moving up from the U7 division and may have a few years of experience  and some brand new players joining hockey for the first time.  


FMMHA believes all of these players are still in the crucial learning years and we must continue to  keep their experiences positive and  full of fun and excitement.  Our Coaches are committed to providing a positive environment where players can continue to develop and gain confidence in their individual skills.   


FMMHA can accept up to 240  participants and aims to place no more than 12 players per team.  


Based on Hockey Canada’s player development model, Intro to Hockey coaches are to utilize the following percentages of time when delivering practices.   

  • 75 % - Technical Skills 
  • 15 % - Individual Tactics 
  • 10 % - Team Tactics
  • 0 % - Team Play Systems
  • 0 % - Strategy

The primary goals for WBHL U9 Intro to hockey are: 

  • Players have fun and become confident in their skating and skills 
  • Introduced to position tactics such as forward, defence and Goaltending while rotating positions so all players can explore each role 
  • Introduce basic Team play  skills such as passing 


Players are on the Ice every Saturday and Sunday with a few sessions scattered throughout the season mid week for.  

WBHL  2022-2023 U9 development plan will include 

  • 2 Pre-season Skates
  • 2 WBHL Combine Testing Sessions to gage players level of Play  
  • Approximately 40 sessions,  including: 
    • 4 sessions with one of our  Professional development Partners 
    • 15 game days (2 25 minute games on each session)  
  • 2 Special Events with Minor Hockey Week. Year end Medal Day (will include Participation Trophies or Medals)   
  • Teams will be invited and have the option of Oil Sands Classic Jamboree  - optional 

practice days

Head coaches are expected to come to build a season plan for their team based on the individual skills of their players, Hockey Canada’s development model and FMMHA’s division goals.  They will come to practices prepared with a combination of Small area games, Small area drills and scrimmages based on their season plan.   Each team will be assigned a set of goaltending equipment that must be rotated throughout the season,  Coaches will determine if players will dress and practice as a goalie for their turn -  no player may practice as a goalie every practice. 



  • ENERGIZER DRILL Engage players through a fun game or unstructured drill to start. 
  • 3-5 STATION SETUP Focus on technical skill development by utilizing circuits and continuous drills 
  • FINISHER DRILL Fun small area game, relay race or high energy activity to finish. 


Game Days

The game play format is Cross Ice Hockey in a 4 vs 4  format.   There will be 4 Skaters on the ice and one player into the Goaltender position each shift (5 Players on the ice).     Intro to Hockey used the positions of goaltender and  f1, f2, f3 and f4 to start to defy the concept of forward and defence and coaches are required to rotate all players so everyone has opportunity to explore all positions. 

GAME FORMAT (60 Minutes)
  • Ice to be Divided in Half by Dividers at beginning of Session  
  • 5 Minute ENERGIZER DRILL for warm up  
  • 25 Minute Runtime  Game - No Scores to be placed on Board. 
  • At the Buzzer the Visiting Teams will Switch sides for a second 25 Minute game.  
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