The Fort McMurray Minor Hockey Association is getting ready for another season of minor hockey. Part of our association philosophy is to promote and develop sportsmanship, fair play, pride, self-worth and confidence and learn life skills by participating in an organized team sport activity. We believe that a part of promoting this philosophy is allowing opportunities for our teams to express their team unity in apparel that exhibits our FMMHA logo as well as their individual team logos.

The Fort McMurray Minor Hockey Association is accepting proposals from interested individuals, organizations and businesses to meet the objective of providing team apparel for our WBHL, JOB, HUSKIES, and Royals teams  for the 2023-2024 hockey season. 

Please use the following submission form to submit your proposals, along with a pricing catalogue to VP Communications  vpcoms@fmmha.com by July 7th, 2023. No LATE or Incomplete submissions will be accepted!

Submission Form



The goal is to streamline the brand of our association by selecting a package for managers to order team apparel. The FMMHA board will set the parameters for choices.  

Simple Catalogs

By creating streamlined catalogs prior to the season opening, our goal is to simplify the apparel ordering process and minimize the stress of our team managers. Items should include (but are not limited to) tracksuits, hoodies, dryland gear, jackets, year end gifts etc..

Simple Ordering

The sales process will be left to the vendors. Team managers will act as the customer to place the order and arrange payment. The successful vendor(s) must supply sizing, ordering protocol and expected timing of delivery so this can be included in the catalog. 

Support & Sponsorship

FMMHA branding partners will be eligible to use any of the FMMHA logos, including the FMMHA, Junior Oil Barons, WBHL, Female Huskies, Royals, and all other WBHL team logos.   FMMHA will have limited number of partnerships. All catalogs will be available from our website and additional items may be sold in storefronts by approved partners. In exchange, FMMHA is looking for the return support of our sponsors in the commitment of sponsorship for divisions or special events.  

Acceptance Criteria

FMMHA will consider innovative and new ideas or suggestions that support our goals.

Proposals do not need to meet all of the goals. For example FMMHA will accept proposals from vendors who can only supply one type of apparel. 

Catalogs must be priced and supplied in a PDF format that is easy to be read on a website.

All successful vendors who become a partner must be willing to align to FMMHA’s branding standards as set out in our financial policy. Must follow all program sponsor guidelines as well.

Selection Criteria

FMMHA partner selection committee will consist of members of the Executive Board and the Director of Managers, each proposal will be considered for alignment on partnership goals and objectives.