Here is the link to the store, all ordering is done on-line.

How to order:

First Step – Enter in parent info and click continue to order photos

Second Step – Put in your players last name or just part of it and then hit search. Your player(s) should come up, click the red plus button beside the name(s) you want, this will add them to your cart. Once you do this you can now preview their individual photo by clicking on the green search icon that says ready. Close the picture and click continue to order.

Third Step – Choose the products you want by clicking the red plus button, once done click continue. It will then ask you if you want to order friends and family photos, if you do want friends and family photos select yes. You will then enter a photo title ex: Team Smith or whatever you want and then search the players you want and click the red plus button to add them. Once that is done you then click continue and it will bring you to the friends and family store, you can then choose the product(s) by clicking the red plus button. Once done click continue

Fourth Step – Is to verify your cart, if the pencil is flashing red please click on it means the product ordered requires information. Once you have verified everything click continue.

Last Step – Put in your payment.

Missed Photo Day (Add-ins)

Any players who miss photo day will be subject to a non-refundable 20$ add-in charge with no exceptions. Please go onto the store link and enter your contact info and select the missed photo day button. Then enter your player(s) last name and click the red plus button and select schedule appointment. Lastly chose your day and time and then select confirm and pay. If you are having any issues please e-mail us at

The players have up to 7 days after photo day to come into the studio to have a photo taken. If you come within the 7 days, you will be included in everyone’s copy of the group photo. Your products will also be ready and sent with the rest of the teams.

After 7 days the player is only added into their copy of the team photo. You will be able to pick up your products at our location or we can ship it out to you. Shipping charges will apply.

Order Pricing

We have discount pricing for parent’s who order on photo day and for the first 7 days after shoot date. The discount pricing parents receive, is only valid for 7 days after the photo booking. Any orders placed after the 7 days, will be subject to a minor price increase on all products. These late orders can be picked up at our studio or shipped to the parents for an additional cost. For multi day shoots the 7 days will start after the last day of photographing that association.