Mark Nolan Memorial Scholarship

Mark Nolan Scholarship - Provided by Marks parents

Mark pictured with his team mate showing of the universal "we are number one"  symbol, after winning the peewee international tournament.

“When I am gone, remember me with smiles and laughter as that is how I will remember you”

The Mark Nolan Memorial Scholarship was created in 2006 by past president of FMMHA in memory of  Mark Nolan after receiving  a donation from Marks family in his name.   The intent is to recognize the accomplishments of a Graduating U18 Fort McMurray Minor Hockey Players.

Who was Mark Nolan

Mark William Nolan was born on June 9, 1982 and was raised in Fort McMurray. His life was tragically taken on October 25, 2005 due to on-site accident at his work place. Mark was an apprentice Crane Operator at the time.

Mark was an all around athlete loving hockey, soccer and golf. As part of minor hockey, his team represented Fort McMurray in the Peewee international tournament in Quebec City. This was a very proud moment for his team and Fort McMurray as they brought home the championship trophy in their division.

Mark loved his family, friends and his dog Shady unconditionally. He had this devilishly handsome grin that would always catch your attention. Mark loved life and lived it to the fullest.

Gavin Barr


Gavin Started his Minor Hockey Career in Initiation with FMMHA and finished as a Goalie for the U18AA Jr. Oil Barons Program.  Gavin chose to stay in Fort McMurray and play AA because of his love of all sports such as volleyball, golf, basketball, badminton, soccer, and track and field.    Gavin says “I loved to compete, sometimes against my hockey teammates, in a different environment. Many of these critical city championship moments helped me grow and learn how to deal with competition. I think Mark's love for multiple sports showed how he knew, like Hockey Canada, that the best long term hockey players have a basis in many different sports.”


Gavin took his role as a Jr. Oil Baron seriously. He gave back to our organization by participating in all team community events such as food bank drives and by spending many hours volunteering with our younger goalies in the WBHL programs and within the Peak program of his school.


Other Volunteer credits on Gavin's Resume include: Scorekeeping and referring for school sports, Community clean ups, and putting together the desks and furniture to open the new high school wing in Ecole McTavish.


“I have seen him recover from our catastrophic city fire of 2016, three city flooding’s, and now navigate through the COVID pandemic. He has demonstrated the necessary positive coping strategies required during and after high-stress situations. He is truly a well-rounded student who is respectful of diversity and is able to adapt to stressful situations.” ~ teacher Janice Doucette, MEd, MPEd

Gavin plans to study his BA – Graphic Design at the University Of Alberta next year.



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