Fort McMurray Minor Hockey is excited to add to it’s Bouchier Junior Oil Barons & Huskies program this upcoming season. Starting in the 2023-24 season FMMHA will be adding a Trainer for each team in it’s Bouchier Junior Oil Barons and Huskies Programs. As you are aware Safety in today’s hockey is very important and FMMHA is committed to ensuring their athletes are safe & healthy throughout the season.

Team Trainer

The Fort McMurray Minor Hockey Association (FMMHA) is seeking qualified candidates to act as a Team Trainer.  The primary responsibility for this position will be to ensure player safety as the first priority during all  hockey-related activities, both on and off the ice for the duration of the 2023-24 season (Sept -Mar.). 

This position will initially be for one season with the potential to extend on a year by year basis, subject to success in the position and FMMHA Board approval. This position will require travel based on each team’s league and tournament schedules. Travel, hotel, and meals will be provided by each team. 

One position will be available for each of the following teams: 

  • Bouchier Junior Oil Barons – U11 HADP. U13 AA, U13 A, U15 AA, U15 A, U16 AA, U18 AA
  • Aurora Huskies – U11, U13, U15, U18

Working closely with the Head Coach and Manager of the team, the Trainer’s responsibilities are as follows: 

  • Implementing an effective Risk Management Program that prioritizes prevention of injuries and accidents.  
  • Being proactive in identifying,  minimizing, or eliminating risks during all activities, always erring on the side of caution when necessary.  
  • Promoting and reflecting the values of Fair Play and instilling these values in all participants and others involved in amateur hockey.  
  • Ensuring that all players are provided with meaningful opportunities and enjoyable experiences that are  free of physical and/or emotional maltreatment.
  • Conducting regular inspections of player’s equipment to ensure proper fit, protective quality, and maintenance.  Advise players and parents regarding the purchase of protective equipment when applicable..  
  • Promoting proper conditioning and warm-up techniques as effective methods of injury prevention.  
  • Gathering, maintaining, and transporting accurate medical history files on all players.  
  • Maintaining a Player Injury Report Log.  
  • Fill out and submit Hockey Canada Injury Report.
  • Maintaining and transporting a stocked First Aid Kit to all games and practices.
  • Assisting with implementation of an  effective Emergency Action Plan with the team and ensuring all members understand their role.  
  • Recognizing life-threatening and significant injuries, being prepared to intervene in serious injury, and have the understanding of when to escalate to EMS.
  • Managing minor injuries according to basic injury management principles and first aid and understanding when to escalate to a higher level of care.   
  • Recognizing injuries that require a player to be removed from action, referring players to higher level of care,  and coordinating return to play post minor and major injuries.
  • Promoting and mentoring a healthy lifestyle with all hockey participants by providing education around hygiene, performance enhancing substances, drugs and alcohol abuse, nutrition and hydration.  
  • Facilitating communication with players, coaches, physicians, therapists, paramedical personnel, parents, officials and other volunteers regarding safety, injury prevention and player’s health status.  
  • Acting as a Safety Person for both your team and your opponents if only one Safety Person is present. 
  • Work with Physiotherapists to implement and schedule each player for Concussion Baseline Testing at the beginning of the season.
  • Lead the implementation of Hockey Canada Concussion Protocol and Safe Return to Hockey collaborating with physiotherapists and coaching team.


  • Knowledge of the game of hockey.  
  • Strong interest and commitment to child/athlete development.  
  • Ability to work with parents and fellow coaching personnel.  
  • Ability to communicate on and off-ice requirements to players and parents.
  • Available to meet time requirements.  
  • Knowledge of sports injuries.


  • Hockey Canada On-Line Safety
  • Hockey Canada On-Line Trainer Safety
  • Hockey Canada On-Line Planning a Safe Return to Hockey
  • Minimum Standard First Aid CPR-C & AED (CSA Intermediate)
  • Respect in Sport Activity Leader 
  • Criminal Record Check
  • Not required but an asset – RN, LPN, EMR, PCP, or ACP


  • Compensation will be paid on a per game basis, paid at the end of each month.  

Please email resume along with any certifications and salary expectations to FMMHA Board VP Admin Carlene Heath by August 31, 2023.


Ian Kenny

VP of Elite Operations, FMMHA