**Important Goalie Development**


As part of our commitment to further developing our goalie program and ensuring we continue to support players with specialized coaching and consistent skill development, FMMHA is pleased to announce that we have purchased a BONI puck shooting machine. Special thanks to President Steve Schreyer (a former goalie himself) for making these arrangements.


This specialized equipment will help ensure our goaltenders are equipped for best performance. We recognize that goalies don’t always receive quality shots during practice and the BONI machine aims to fix this with variable puck speeds ranging from 20-100 km/hr and can be raised and lowered to simulate real game situations.


The BONI machine also has other training benefits for players and can be used for practicing tip-ins/re-directions.


This machine will be stored at the Frank Lacroix Arena (under the Gretzky jersey) and can be accessed by all FMMHA coaching staff during scheduled ice time at FLA.


We do have plans to alternate this machine into other rinks throughout the season to ensure all teams have access to this development tool. Please email me if your team is interested in booking this machine for use at other arenas.


Ryan Arendt
V.P Player Development