Junior Oil Barons U18 Elite Scholarship


Junior Oil Barons Scholarship Policy

FMMHA and the Elite Jr. Oil Barons program believes that a local hockey program is an important community venture that develops many skills and attitudes that build essential character traits and habits that will enhance your future.

The 2020-21 season has been an exceptionally difficult year and while we are saddened that players did not get to shine like the bright stars that they are, we are hopeful that the 2 recipients of these $1000.00 scholarships will put it to good use towards your bright future.

Adam Polem

Adam is about to graduate from  Holy Trinity Catholic High School and has finished his last year with Minor Hockey as a Junior Oil Baron on the U18AA team led by coach Jason Mercier.    Graduating players this season has a challenging year as COVID stole the season.   We asked Adam what this year with a global pandemic has taught him, and he responded, “The adversity of the pandemic has taught me that nothing is promised, and we should never take anything for granted. What I have learned and take away from this year to build resiliency for my future is that it is crucial to stay connected with family, friends and teammates."


Adam was asked what are the 5 most positive things he learned over years from hockey are,  and he answered with “Failure-When things don’t go your way keep on grinding, Confidence, Work Ethic, Setting Goals and How to be a leader”


Peter Spiers, Trainer for Fort McMurray Oil Barons wrote in a letter on Adam’s behalf,  stating, “I have great respect for Adam and am confident that he is deserving of this scholarship. At 12 years old he would be at the rink waiting to get the benches ready for the Oil Barons game. He had a great respect for the players and staff, he took great pride in what he did.”    He went on later in the letter to mention, “In addition to having first hand knowledge of Adam's work ethic and abilities, I am also familiar with his desire to become a firefighter


Adam was also highly supported by his school,  as expressed in a letter from his teacher, Christopher Poulsen M.Ed. “I believe that Adam is a deserving candidate who embodies the four core values that our school division stands for: Persons, Community, Responsibility, and Learning.”   He goes on to state “As a young man who, even during the pandemic, has held a job while also completing his requirements for graduating and participating in extra-curricular activities it is evident that he is an exemplary demonstrator of the value of responsibility."

Gavin Barr