Junior Coach Mentor

This directive outlines the Junior Coach Program, which is an initiative created for the  development of youth members into leadership roles within the Fort McMurray Minor Hockey  Association. 

Players registered in the U18 division with FMMHA can apply to the Junior Coach Program,  thus providing valuable assistance to coaches in running efficient and effective teams.  Volunteering as a Junior Coach provides those members an opportunity to acquire valuable  experience in learning leadership skills while providing service to the community. This along  with acting as a role model to younger players are two objectives of FMMHA. 

To nurture the development of young leaders within Fort McMurray Minor Hockey so that they  may continue to learn, grow and contribute to our association now and in the future is in line  with our vision of “Hockey for Life”.


Click on the link to read more,  Coach Mentor Directive


Contact Darren Walker , wbhlcoachdev@fmmha.com if you have interest in this  program.