Congratulations on the following players making the U18 AA Pre-Season Roster

Evan Norman

Brody Stokes

Griffin Gratton

Jayden Conway

Nathan Gagne

Matthew Noble

Alexander Beaton

Jesse Kenny

Jackson Schreyer

Tyler Kearney

Colin Hanhart

Owen Carter

Anthony Legge

Kayden Morrison

Kubilay Ceylan

Quade Gallant Stevenson

Samuel Sawchuk

Evan Torraville

Reese Davis

Ryder Carroll

Grady Fleming

Seth Boulton

Scottie Lavery

Noah Newman

AJ McSkimming

Carter Simon

This is a Pre-Season Roster and players can be released anytime, at the Head Coaches discretion, over the next few weeks. 

The Head Coach would like to thank all players for their hard work during tryouts! 

First practice Thursday September 15th 815pm-945pm at MI#2.