Manager of the year


One recipient will be chosen from nominated team managers who are considered to have made an outstanding contribution to FMMHA for the current season. The recipient will have managed their  team over and above the minimum guidelines and standards set out by FMMHA, provided a truly supportive role for coaches and parents, and was instrumental in the success of the team.

Nomination Deadline

July 30, 2023


Eligibility Criteria

Nominee Must:

  • Acted as Manager for an FMMHA team in any program for a minimum of 1 full season.
  • Followed all FMMHA governing directives with budget, fundraising and branding.
  • Must have provided an inclusive environment for their players and families, really building that Hockey family atmosphere
  • Organized an outstanding contribution to the community through a team event that included a community giveback.

Selection Procedure

Executive Board  vote on all nominations that meet the above criteria based on the nomination and alignment with FMMHA philosophy's


One Winner was selected this season for Manager of the Year


  • Natasha Hynes(U18 Huskies) 
  • April Giles (U13 Falcons) 
  • Paul Hutchins (U11 WBHL Huskies) 
  • Amanda Abbott ( U13 Falcons) 
  • Steve Morrai (U11 Stars) 
  • Kim Bole (U11 Huskies)

Manager of the Year - Paul Hutchins

Paul has been a dedicated supporter of Minor Hockey, serving as Director of Development, coaching various levels, and managing several teams. His work with the U11 Huskies Travel team is especially notable, as the team competes in the WBHL and aims to join female tournaments.

Paul excelled in budgeting, ensuring the team managed its resources well. His efforts in team building created a positive and supportive environment for the players. Beyond his official duties, Paul consistently looked for ways to enhance the players' experiences and development.

Paul's dedication strengthened the U11 Huskies Travel team and promoted female participation in hockey. His leadership and enthusiasm have made a lasting impact on the players, their families, and the hockey community.

"Paul was exceptional this season. In my seven years in Minor Hockey, I have never had a more involved and dedicated manager. He made all of our lives easier, almost too easy. Paul often stepped in to do timekeeping, always showed up with a great attitude, and the kids all loved him. His excellent management skills made this year truly special" - Nomination Form