One recipient will be chosen from nominated team managers who are considered to have made an outstanding contribution to FMMHA for the current season. The recipient will have managed their  team over and above the minimum guidelines and standards set out by FMMHA, provided a truly supportive role for coaches and parents, and was instrumental in the success of the team.

Nomination Deadline

June 23, 2023



Eligibility Criteria

Nominee Must:

  • Acted as Manager for an FMMHA team in any program for a minimum of 1 full season.
  • Followed all FMMHA governing directives with budget, fundraising and branding.
  • Must have provided an inclusive environment for their players and families, really building that Hockey family atmosphere
  • Organized an outstanding contribution to the community through a team event that included a community giveback.

Selection Procedure

Executive Board  vote on all nominations that meet the above criteria based on the nomination and alignment with FMMHA philosophy's



Nomination Form:

Manager of the year Nomination Form:

    to qualify managers must have followed all FMMHA budget directives and guidelines, please describe any additional courses or strategies this manager to support the growth of our players (example. Some managers will take coaching clinic's to support coaches)

    List all the positive things that happened with this team that are because of the dedication of this manager...

    This past season was a challenge, what did this manager do to go above and beyond to keep this team engaged and support Coaches in the development of this team?

    Please attach any supporting pictures that can be used for the website should this nominee be selected