The President will provide leadership, direction and vision in consultation and with input from the Executive Committee and Membership.    This role is an essential part of the decision making structure for FMMHA as a voting member on the executive board.

The president will follow the appeal process and have the authority to review the league governors decision to issue discipline and mitigate conflict across the program's coaches, players, and families.

This position will be accountable for maintaining key relationships with in the community and the leagues in which our programs are members of, and is accountable for overseeing all Fort McMurray Minor Hockey Operations and Frank Lacroix Arena Operations

Decision Executive  

Appeal process 

Frank Lacroix Arena Operations 

Relationship with RMWB Council and Social Sector

Inter agency Liaison (NAHL, NEAL, ECAFHL, Hockey Alberta, etc.)


Time Commitment: 1200 hours annually

Travel Commitment:  None

FMMHA Colour

Official Job Duties can be found in section 2.11.01 of the FMMHA bylaws: 


a) Will be a signing authority along with the Administrator Vice President of Finance, Vice
President Admin and Vice President of Operations.
b) When present, will preside at all meetings.
c) Will have the ability to exercise the powers of the Executive Committee, in conjunction
with two other members of the Executive Committee in case of emergency with a 2 of the
3 determining the action to take, subject as always to the right of an appeal as per the
process. Emergency - defined where immediate action is required in the best interest of
the members and Association.
d) Will have the power to discipline any member or members for any reason which, in the
sole discretion of the President, is sufficient, subject always to the right of appeal as per
e) Will serve on all committees as ex-officio voting member.
f) Will liaise directly with the Community Services department of the RMWB.
g) Will attend or appoint a designate to attend Hockey Alberta AGM and Conferences.
h) Will ensure that coaches and bench staff are approved and accepted by the VP
i) Will receive the reports from the Discipline Committee and the VP Operations in
respect to disciplinary actions within the Operational Policies, Rules and Guidelines
of the Association and will oversee appeals.
j) Will be responsible for developing the associations operating budget in coordination with
the Vice President of Finance.
k) Will be responsible for overseeing the developing and maintaining the association’s
administrative operating
policies and procedures.
l) Will be responsible for developing agenda for Annual General Meeting in conjunction with
Vice President of Administration
m) Will authorize player releases/tryouts and affiliations forms in conjunction with the Registrar.
n) Will prepare all required press releases and submit to the Vice President of
Administration for media release as required by the Association.

Skills and Qualities: 

The ideal nominee should have:

  • Diplomacy, negotiation and collaboration skills
  • An understanding of FMMHA operations and practices through prior experience in the prior positions on the FMMHA Board of Directors and/or significant exemplary coaching experience
  • Excellent time management skills
  • Ability to respond immediately to queries, issues and requests for support and be willing to forgo planned personal activities when issue arise
  • Strong facilitation skills to lead discussions with large groups of people
  • An understanding of all Gsuite tools and the ability to use IT tools required for operations: Gmail, google Docs, Survey Monkey, Sign up Genius, Social Media Tools.