Jaxon Joseph Memorial Scholarship


Who was Jaxon Joseph

The Jaxon Joseph Memorial Scholarship was created in 2018 by the Podallan Pub in memory of Jaxon Joseph. The intent is to recognize the contributions of a 2nd or 3rd Year U18 Fort McMurray Minor Hockey Player.

Jaxon Christopher Joseph, born in Edmonton, Alberta on September 15, 1997, passed away tragically at the age of 20, while travelling with his Humboldt Broncos family on April 6, 2018.

Jaxon spent his life doing what he loved - playing hockey. Jaxon's big heart, his charming smile, and his warm, loving personality touched many and left lasting impressions. Jaxon loved all dogs, especially his "Sam". His other passions included spending time with his family, summers at the lake and hanging out with the boys.

Jaxon’s Dad said that his son was “never the star, never the grinder, but very flexible…every team he’s played on, he’s always been described as a glue guy.”

The Scholarship will be awarded annually to one or more 2nd or 3rd year Fort McMurray Minor Hockey Players who have demonstrated similar characteristics as Jaxon Joseph; a love of hockey, a love of family and a love of friends. The player who may not be the star on the ice, but is respected and known by his teammates for being the “glue guy.”


Jaxon Joseph Memorial Recipients


Braydon Barter 

Braydon and his family moved to Fort McMurray from Newfoundland in his first year of U13 and has played with our association for the last five years of his minor hockey career. Braydon never began to play hockey until he was in his second year of U11, and despite being behind other players, He never gave up. He was at every practice and every game, and he always worked as hard as possible to be a great team player.

"When I first met Braydon, he was a shy and quiet young man who didn't say a whole lot and just played the game, with quiet celebrations toward his own accomplishments and a little bit louder ones for his teammates. This is what really opened my eyes about him. Here was this young man who was learning the game of hockey like the rest of his teammates but felt the need to make sure that those around him, and a lot of them were strangers, I might add, were put before himself just a little bit. He soon became someone that the kids looked up to." ~ Coach Chris Cleary

He is the hockey player that shows up to every game and plays no matter what the day has brought him. He's quiet but respectful and encouraging. He was seen as the player on that line that brought that line together. He is the glue!  He loves just playing the game, loves being with his friends and coaches, and gives it 100% every time he is out on the ice!

Braydon's plan is to study Nursing at Keyano College.



Alex Kenny

Alex has spent his life playing and loving hockey, starting with FMMHA way back in U7.   Alex always played defense, which shows his personality on and off the ice. Alex is always protecting those close to him, helping those in front of him. A true team player who is respectful to coaches and teammates works to his full ability and prides himself on hard work and determination.

"He started out as a clumsy big defenseman who always listened well to his coaches. He developed quickly into one of the top reliable players for the U18 AA Barons. Alex would always show up with a smile on his face and an eagerness to work hard. Being a team player is his biggest asset with a "pass first" attitude, never pointing blame on others when things were not going as planned. Off the ice, an even better team player, always a guy to entertain the group or find a way to help when or wherever needed. Alex or "Kenny," as his teammates call him, was always a favorite for a roommate on the road. His fun, outgoing attitude is contagious and brings a smile to everyone's face." ~ Coach Keith Breen

Alex has one more year left with minor hockey and then plans to study a trade.   He has a goal to continue to play hockey throughout his college training, if not for anything other than maintaining friendships and a healthy lifestyle.