U15 A Pre-Season Roster

Congratulations to the following who were selected to the Pre-Season Roster.


Ashtin Michelin

Benjamin Asadi

Cian Lanning

Cohen Mattern

Coltin Barrington

Kellen Edwards

Jackson Courtney

Louis Pigeon

Maddon L’Hommecourt

Max Poitras

Patrick Theriault

Payton Slugoski

Riley Coolen

Torin Cull

Triton Hintz

Wyatt Scott


All players are to report to the 1st Practice Wednesday, September 13 at 7:00 pm at FLA.


*This is a Pre-Season Roster and due to AAA tryouts in Fort Saskatchewan there still may be movement


Players trying out for U16 AA:

Joshua Butt


All unsuccessful players will be returned to WBHL for evaluations.