Vice President of Finance

The VP of Finance is accountable for administration processes and transactions of the Fort McMurray Minor Hockey Association office, internal/external audits, bookkeeping and bank accounts.  This role is an essential part of the decision making structure for FMMHA as a voting member on the executive board and will oversee the Hockey Operations Manager's employment agreement.

The VP of Finance will be accountable for securing grant funding through appropriate avenues available to the organization. They will look for opportunities to enhance our cash flow into the organization to keep registration costs affordable for members.

The VP of Finance reports to the President of Fort McMurray Minor Hockey Association.

Oversee Office administration

Overall Financial Authority and Organizational Spending

Prepare Annual Budget 

Oversite on Raffles and Fundraising

External Audits 

Municipal Grants  

Oversee all FMMHA Bank Accounts  


Time Commitment: 1200 hours annually

Travel Commitment:  None

FMMHA Colour

Official Job Duties can be found in section 2.11.06 of the FMMHA bylaws: 

Vice President of Finance

a) Will be a signing authority along with the President, Vice President of Admin, Vice President
of Operations and Administrator
b) Will be responsible for general administration of the FMMHA and be responsible for the
direct supervision of the paid employees of the association as well as all administrative staff;
c) Will be responsible for developing and maintaining the associations administrative
operating policies and procedures
d) Will have charge of all Executive Committee financial records
e) Will present an annual statement of all operations
f) Will work in co-operation with the President in developing the Association’s operating budget
g) Will be responsible for FMMHA bank accounts maintenance and management
h) Will report to the President

Skills and Qualities: 

The ideal nominee should have:

  • Diplomacy, negotiation and collaboration skills
  • An understanding of FMMHA operations and practices through prior experience in the prior positions on the FMMHA Board of Directors and/or significant exemplary coaching experience
  • Excellent time management skills
  • Ability to respond immediately to queries, issues and requests for support and be willing to forgo planned personal activities when issue arise
  • Strong facilitation skills to lead discussions with large groups of people
  • An understanding of all Gsuite tools and the ability to use IT tools required for operations: Gmail, google Docs, Survey Monkey, Sign up Genius, Social Media Tools.